Is Your Diet Causing Knee Pain?Is Your Diet Causing Knee Pain?

A good diet is an important part of the treatment. The aim of the diet is to improve metabolism and reduce body weight, and the diet must be balanced and nutritious. Is Your Diet Causing Knee Pain? What foods are helpful and what foods are prohibited? In osteoarthritis, foods that will strengthen the cartilage tissue […]

Knee Injuries in Older AdultsKnee Injuries in Older Adults

Knee pain can have many causes, since the knee joint is often subject to all sorts of injuries and illnesses. The most common injuries to the knee joint include meniscus damage and torn ligaments. These types of injury often lead to abnormalities. Diseases of the knee joint are usually accompanied by pain, swelling, swelling and […]

How Obesity Causes Knee PainHow Obesity Causes Knee Pain

The body is a unified system, which means that all processes within it are connected and affect one another. Being overweight has many consequences in the form of health problems. Everything suffers: the heart, circulatory and respiratory systems, especially the joints. In this article you will learn how obesity causes knee pain. If you suffer […]