Best Exercises to Prevent Athletic Knee Injuries

When you injure your knee joint, it takes a long time to recover, which can only have an adverse effect on your progress in sports. It is one of the most common and painful injuries in almost every sport, so prevention is our best friend. In this article we will look at the Best Exercises to Prevent Athletic Knee Injuries. However, you should avoid various risk factors to help avoid knee injuries. You can use professional advice in your practice to help you exercise and reduce your risk of a knee injury.

Why are knee injuries more common in children?

Most often injuries to the knee joint occur in athletes participating in high risk sports (football, basketball and rugby). It should not be forgotten that injuries to the knee joint can occur as a result of improperly performed jumps. A child’s body is not coordinated enough and the movements are sharp and chaotic, so it is more likely to suffer a legitimate injury.

Who is on the list of those who are particularly vulnerable to knee injuries?

As statistics tell us, there is a correlation between age and gender, the age and activity level of the athlete, the type of sport and its extremity of lower limb strain. The movement techniques of men and women may differ slightly, or more precisely, the nature of their movements. For example, women playing football often use the knee joint position and are more exposed to the above-mentioned types of injuries (injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and meniscus), especially girls aged 13 to 18 years.

Prevention of knee injuries

It’s difficult to imagine how an athlete can change their movement patterns during play to purposefully avoid injury, so the best way to begin to combat the possibility of injury is to get advice from a coach, doctor or even a specially trained person in the field. At this point any sports doctor will be able to identify weaknesses in any muscle group of an athlete (for example weak thigh and lower leg muscles, which are often the cause of knee injuries) and find possible solutions to the problem.

How to reduce the chance of knee injuries:

  • be sure to warm up before sports training;
  • if you feel fatigued, always check whether you can continue training. If your muscles at the joints feel tired, the chance of injury increases significantly;
  • before training, make sure that your body has all the resources it needs for exercise (food, vitamins). This can be determined based on how you feel;
  • use only comfortable shoes for your workout.

Modern research also shows that specific types of practical training (programmes) that focus on certain aspects of movement can help prevent this type of injury. There are also specific exercises that aim to develop the knee joint and thereby reduce the risk of injury. If you follow our advice, you will be able to avoid knee injuries.

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